The following facials have been tailor-made and is suitable for all skin types, using Clarins products.

Aromatic Balancer
A great facial to start with suitable for all skin types.Using Clarins 100% pure plant facial oils designed to relax and rebalance.
1 hour | £38.00
Purifying Facial With Steam
This facial is designed for combination to oily skin. It helps to clear skin prone to blemishes, gentle steaming to relieve congestion, detoxifying massage to help rebalance leaving the skin healthy and radiant once again.
1 hour 15 minutes | £40.00
Extra Relaxing Facial
Pleasure, enjoyment and relaxation are the key notes for this facial, which commences with a back massage, followed by a relaxing facial massage and a scalp massage.
1 hour 15 minutes | £40.00
Teenage Facial
A mini facial designed to help teenagers to look after their skin using the Clarins Daily Energiser products specially designed for young skins.
45 minutes | £26.00